Value of Participation

The Value of Participation


"Businesses must reconnect company success with social progress. Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success. It is not on the margin of what companies do but at the center. We believe that it can give rise to the next major transformation of business thinking."

Creating Shared Value, Harvard Business Review, 2011


Q: As a founding member of the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network, how do you see it influencing workplace culture on a day-to-day basis?

A: For Sunshine Brands, I see it as another tool in our tool belt. When you get a whole bunch of leaders together around the same topic, a lot of really good ideas come out of it and new tools are developed. We can learn from each other. The minute you step out into another industry, a lightbulb goes on. You see what's working elsewhere and start looking for ways to tweak it so that it will work within your industry.

I’m personally interested in being involved in anything that will make safety, first of all, more important or more at the forefront of everybody's business, but also simpler to understand, easier to implement, and more cost-effective.

I think this group will help us find practical ways to make safety work. It also has the power to influence law and regulation within the province and the country. Bring the right people together, and you can actually influence change. I think that's powerful and unique.

Peter van Stralen, president and CEO of Sunshine Brands


A Cut Above The Rest


CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network members understand the connection between organizational health and business success. And, they understand the cumulative and value-added impact of standing together to form a culture of health and safety beyond their own workplaces.

In addition to optimizing their own organizational health and safety performance and return-on-investment, Network members are:

  • Demonstrating health and safety through their leadership
  • Building brand value and enhancing corporate reputation
  • Influencing provincial and national health and safety policy and ensure your business requirements are represented in critical conversations
  • Contributing to the transformation of health and safety culture in Ontario and, in collaboration with other Charters, across Canada
  • Accessing exclusive research and information
  • Contributing to provincial sustainability and growth
  • Celebrating health and safety leadership and encouraging others to contribute to a culture of health and safety


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