Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in health and safety and risk management solutions, and a key player in Ontario's occupational health & safety system. We launched the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network to bring together leaders who share a commitment to creating a safer and more profitable Ontario.

Network members are working together to positively influence health and safety in Ontario and, in concert with other regional leadership charters, across Canada.

Network Goals

  • Develop a sustainable strategy for a province-wide culture of health and safety.
  • Help shape health and safety policy in our province and nation-wide.
  • Demonstrate the return on investment and business value of health and safety.
  • Recognize and celebrate efforts and results that create a healthy and safe culture among the CEO community.
  • Engage in dialogue with peers to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote leadership by example


To Achieve These Goals, CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network Members Agree to:

  • Share organizational & industry best practices with CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network members.
  • Activate knowledge (i.e. take on an idea from a member making it work for you).
  • Actively participate in CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network events:
    • CEO Networking Events - twice per year,
    • Safety Culture Network Knowledge & Exchange (NKE) for Operational Leaders - three to four times per year.
  • Participate in collaborative research projects, policy discussions and initiatives of the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network.
  • Agree to meet face-to-face with CEO colleagues and openly discuss challenges, progress, and best practices.
  • Agree to host tours and site visits for members of the Network.
  • Consider sponsorship opportunities to demonstrate your commitment in a more visible way to your employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders.
  • Provide a commitment statement to be included on the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network site and grant permission to be recognized as a member (company name and logo) on promotional materials.
  • Commit to assessing progress in accordance with the Campbell Institute's Journey to Safety Excellence® guidelines.


The Journey to Safety Excellence®

WSPS is a partner to The Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council. The Institute was built upon one belief: that Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is at the core of business vitality. Like CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network members, Institute members understand that EHS is fundamental to operational and financial performance. With the Institute's permission, we've adopted their Journey to Safety Excellence guidelines to assist Network members in assessing progress.

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