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Recognizing the best safety practices

Recognizing the best safety practices By Todd Humber It’s hard to imagine anything more important in the workplace than ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. Unions, employers, liberals, conservatives — we’re all on the same page here. There aren’t many areas these days where that happens.That’s why, in addition to…
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CEOs Talk Safety

CEOs talking safety: view your people as an appreciating asset "In business," says Sunshine Brands president and CEO Peter Van Stralen, "there are two dominant mindsets. One is the boss mentality, where people are seen more as things." The other mindset is where people are seen as assets. "If you care about people and build…
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Demystifying Safety Culture

Demystifying safety culture: a practical peer-to-peer approach facilitated by WSPS Case studies consistently show that successful businesses have a strong safety culture, but as WSPS consultant John Hollands notes, "the concept of creating a safety culture to help you grow your business is still pretty fresh." In response to growing interest, he now facilitates a…
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